Appleflats started as a family tradition in Wellesley, Ontario. In 2013, it opened as a local business. The Company continues to be a growing part of the community and provides wholesome products to stores and restaurants across Ontario.


A Brief History

In 1992 Ruth Abernethy and Mark Smyth along with Ruths Sister and Her Husband purchased a field outside of Wellesley to build a home. 

The Original Home,

Upon completion, a crabapple tree was planted in celebration. The two couples chose a crabapple for its beautiful flowers in May, but had no intention of ever using the apples. 


Soon both couples had two kids of their own, and the children wanted to pick the apples. Soon a family tradition developed to harvest the tree and make crabapple jelly as something the families could do together before the start of each school year.

Appleflats Founder Glen Smyth, with the Original Crabapple tree


As the children grew older and moved out and on to other things; until 2013 when Glen - between a summer job and the next college semester, had some free time. After making a few jars, a tasting was set up with a local restaurant; Monforte in Startford ON. After the first taste of jelly, owner Ruth Klahsen bought everything they could harvest that year. 


That fall, the other brother Alex was working in Northern BC and invited Glen out to work with him. The brother worked side by side for eight months before returning home to Wellesley. Glen decided to use the money he had saved to take Appleflats commercial. 

Brothers Glen and Alex work in Northern BC

Glen continued to run Appleflats around college for the next 18 months, adding stores and restaurants between classes. In January 2016, with Glen just graduated and Alex ready for a new path, the brothers began to work side by side again, now full time on Appleflats. 

The first family crabapple tree. Present day

We hope you enjoy our Appleflats products, we definitely enjoy making them for you